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The information about Lebanon.

Lebanon is a country located in Western Asia. Lebanon is one of the smallest lands in the Asia continent with 4,036 square miles. Beirut is the capital and also the largest city in Lebanon. It is also known as “the Paris of the Middle East.”. The official language in Lebanon is Arabic and France is a recognized language.

The history of the Lebanon Pound banknotes.

The Ottoman Empire had ruled Lebanon since the 16th century. The Ottoman Lira had been used for a long time but Ottoman Empire had fallen and was replaced by the Egyptian pound in 1918. However, after the French took over Syria and Lebanon, the Syria Pound was introduced in 1919, linked to the French Franc. Up until 1924, Lebanon finally introduced its first official currency as coin and banknote denomination a year later.

The first Lebanese pound (LBP) banknote was introduced from 25 girshas to 100 pounds notes by the Bank of Syria and Greater Lebanon. In 1939, the Lebanese pound had been divided from the Syria currency but still linked to the French Franc. Additionally, 250 pounds notes were added to the paper denomination.

As a consequence of the French’s defeat in 1941, Lebanon had declared independence in 1943 and switched to linking themselves to British Pound.

Since 1945, the Bank of Syria and Lebanon had issued new banknote denominations in “Lebanese pounds” at 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 pounds notes to recognize them from banknotes of Syrian.

Due to the high inflation that occurred in Lebanon, the higher banknote was first introduced in 1 000 pounds notes in 1988. Followed by 5 000, 20 000, 50 000, and 100 000 pounds in 1994. The latest banknote denomination was added in 1998 at 10 000 pounds notes.

These banknotes were decorated with the Arabic numeral in a large size on the front and along with French and Latin on the other side over time.

All these denominations had been changed many times but these still kept the same color, simpleness, and

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