Money Services Business (hereinafter "MSB") Disclaimer:

Collectibles & Currency (AKA Collectibles & Currency, collectibles-currency) is a collectible banknotes company located in California. Collectibles & Currency services are limited only to the retail sale of rare U.S Paper Money, fancy serial numbers, and also banknotes from all around the world to collectors ONLY. 

We are a purveyor of numismatic collectibles and as such. We are aiming to provide a wide section of stunning designed banknotes from all around the world to the collector.

Please be advised Collectibles & Currency does not conduct foreign currency exchange or money transfer services of any kind, as defined by federal and state regulation. We do not transmit or convert money. Collectibles & Currency is not an MSB. See 31 CFR 1010.100(ff). Collectibles & Currency is also not a financial institution. See 31 CFR 1010.100(t).

Sale of Valid (Active) Foreign Currency:

* Valid or Active foreign currencies are described as currencies still in circulation. 

    1. Collectibles & Currency only allows purchases for personal collections or as a gift and we would limits the purchase of valid (active) foreign currency to $1,000 USD per person, per day.
    2. A person must conduct no more than $1000 in active foreign currency purchase in one or more transactions for ONE DAY.