The Collectibles & Currency LLC, a family-owned and operated business located in Sacramento, California by Quynh Tran as a Founder and Huy Tran as a Co-Founder with the launch of our website The's team is highly diversified and extremely knowledgeable regarding all of the fancy serial numbers of US Currency and stunning designed modern banknotes. We are dedicated to providing our customers with any information they request so they can feel confident with their purchase.

We established in 2020 to provide a simple and efficient means for collectors to acquire some banknotes and many different types of US fancy serial numbers in our collection. And time went on, we are growing and expanding our services in the world banknotes collection sorted by themes, materials, countries, or continents.

We're raising the ‘Collectibles & Currency’ on how easy collectors finding pieces to add to their collection. Everyone has had an experience with a purchase from a seller where the item in the photo looked so much different than what they received. We’ve worked hard to perfect our photography so that all pictures are an accurate and honest representation of the condition of the item we are selling.

Why you should choose Collectibles & Currency LLC?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Quality Products are one of our top priorities. We inspect all new inventory carefully, ensuring that the banknotes our customers receive are of the highest quality as described. Our commitment to collectors is to provide extraordinary services throughout your adding a banknote acquired from our company to collection.

We will work hard to assure our customer satisfaction in a timely, friendly, and professional manner.

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