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The information about Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is a country located in the heart of Central America. Nicaragua is also the largest country of the isthmus in Central America. The area of Nicaragua total is 50,338 square miles. Managua is the capital and largest city of Nicaragua, also the third-largest city of Central America. Its official language is Spanish because since the 16th century this country was conquered by the Spanish empire and gained independence in 1821.

The history of Nicaraguan Córdoba.

The peso was the first national currency of Nicaragua. It was replaced by the official unit currency at present is Córdoba (NIO) on March 20, 1912, because of the establishment of the Law on Currency Conversion by Adolfo Díaz. Its name was derived from the founder of Nicaragua, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba. However, Cordoba was delayed in the consequences of unstable politics in Nicaraguan until 1913.

In 1912, the first Córdoba banknotes were introduced and were available in 10, 25, 50 centavos, and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Córdoba. However, due to the inflation in Nicaraguan, the banknotes kept being introduced to 1,000,000 Córdobas notes in 1987.

The second Cordoba banknotes were introduced in 1988 in denominations from 10 up to 5000 córdobas notes. Ultimately, the 200,000, 500, 000, 1 million, 5 million, and 10 million córdobas notes were established in the next two years.

The third Cordoba banknotes in 1991 were designed with portraits of various famous people from Nicaragua’s history and on the other sides were depicted with natural scenes. Later on, in 2002, the 500 Córdoba banknotes were introduced with a portrait of José Dolores Estrada.

In 2009, the government had changed the denominations of banknotes from 10 to 500 córdobas notes into polymer notes. And redesign all of it in 2010.

The new series of banknotes families were introduced from 10 up to 500 córdobas notes. Only 500 banknotes were printed on cotton paper. In December 2016, the g

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