All You Need To Know About TYPES And PRICING Of Fancy Serial Numbers

The reference about fancy serial numbers on the US currency is compiled from our experience in more than 5 years of collecting and selling. The most detailed introduction for beginner collectors to all types of fancy serial numbers as well as their value. However, this is a subjective article, all reviews are given for reference purposes only.

What is the serial numbers on the US currency?

The serial numbers are a combination of unique dark green 8 digits on the front of the note. Regarding the report from BEP (BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING), the printing run of currency most of the time would start from 00000001 and go all the way up to 96000000 sometimes it will go over 96000000 in the 100 dollars denomination in some districts. The remaining smaller denominations will typically end at 9600,00000 or at somewhere lower than 9600,0000.

There are so many types of fancy serial numbers. However, ugly or fancy sometimes depends on the eyes of the holder. The types sorted below are a standard in currency’s serial number numismatic. Any other serial numbers which do not fall into any following types below is generally not considered fancy as they are.


The first pack of 100 notes came out from a block printing run. Starting with seven or six 0 digits, then the last digit in the serial is 1 through 99. Serial number 1 is considered the holy grail in the fancy serial collector's community and its carries the highest value.
Example for low serial numbers: 00000001, 00000002,... 00000009.

Value: There are 2 ranges of low serial numbers.

00000001-00000009: It might be worth around $700-4000. The highest value is serial number 1. Some collectors are willing to pay a few thousand dollars to have it in their collection. The value can decrease steadily as the serial number 9 is reached.

00000010-00000099: The serial number 10 might be worth around $300-400. And the rest might be worth the same as each other about $80 for each.


All of the digits from the serial number are the same. In other words, 8 times repetitions of a digit in the serial numbers. From the printing run, we had nine solids serial numbers.

Example of solid serial numbers: 11111111, 22222222, .... 99999999.

Value: $1000-4000. The solid 6’s 7’s 8’s 9’s serial numbers always have prices higher than another one. Nowadays, money is only printed to the number 9600000. Therefore, finding solid 9's only appears on the old series which makes them considered one of the most valuable solid serial numbers. Their value sometimes might reach over $20k.


It is a sequence of numbers ascending or descending in order from left to right. The second digit must be lower in descending or higher in ascending by 1 than the previous digit.

Example of a ladder serial: 01234567, 12345678, 98765432, 87654321…

Value: $600-2100. In our opinion, most of the US currency is usually printed from the low serial numbers to the higher. Not every series of currency is printed to full capacity and reaches its maximum printing run of 9600,0000. Sometimes it will end up somewhere lower than it could which precisely makes the descending ladder scarcer than ascending ladder. Therefore, the descending serial numbers will tend to have a higher value than the ascending ones.


As the name, we might guess what does the millions serial numbers is. Yes, The name describes this serial number pretty clearly. The serial has 7 trailing zero digits. Exp: 10000000, 20000000, …. 90000000.

Value: $700-1800


What does the radar serial number look like? Take a look at the words "Radar" has the same result when we read it from left to right or from right to left. As the same as the serial numbers on currency, When you read the serial numbers on the bill from right to left or left to right, they all give you the same result. they are technically just palindromes. That is radar serial numbers.

Exp: 2123 3212, 1223 3221….

Value: $15-20 added to the face value.


Split the eight digits serial numbers into two-part. The second four digits is a repetition of the first four digits

Exp: 12231223, 32333233

Value: $15-20 added to the face value.


It's an upgrade to a higher level of radar. The first and last digits are the same digit, and all of the interior digits are the same. Exp: 12222221, 42222224...

Value: $50-150 added to the face value.


A super repeater is a special sort of repeater serial numbers but it is at a higher level. The first two digits are repeated four times. Exp: 12121212, 32323232...


Value: $80-120 added to the face value. Sometimes it might be worth more than that if the serial is 10101010 or 01010101.


It is a sequence of 7 consecutive repetitions of a number either beginning or ending at the end. It missed one more repetition to be considered as solid serial numbers. Therefore, it is also formatted with another name as near solid serial number by auction houses.

Example: 07777777, 12222222, 22222224…

Value: $80-$200 added to the face value


These are the combinations of the 0 and 1 digits in the serial numbers. The serial numbers remind us of binary code representing text, computer processor instructions, or any other data using a two-symbol system that is being used in digital technology.

Nowadays, binary serial numbers are even more extended to many types, if the serial numbers consist of two different digits then they are also called binary.

Value: $10-35 added to the face value.


In the double quad serial numbers, the first four digits are the same and the last 4 digits are the same.

Value: $80-180


These serial numbers are usually combination digits representing a birthday, anniversary, often special holidays, or important memorial day.

Exp: 09/11/2001, 07/04/1776...

Value: Cause these serial numbers are special types. There is usually no set pricing for these types of serial numbers. They will become priceless if you meet the right person who is looking for. Believe it or not, you can make a few hundred or even a thousand dollars if its serial number is 09112001 then we might be a strong buyer too.

Two main factors affect the value of the fancy serial number.

Occurrence rate: The higher the occurrence rate, the lower the value, and vice versa. Exp: We need over ten million notes to acquire a solid serial numbers. However, we only need ten thousand notes to be able to reach out a radar serial numbers.

Condition: The notes which are pulled out from circulation and have some worn out will not give you as much value as a mint condition in the same type of fancy serial number. That's why we have condition standards for currency and grading companies like PMG, PCGS...

A bonus, if the notes have the same serial number, but they are not the same denomination or same denomination but the year of issue is different, then we have come another factor is the population when it was released by BEP. Please keep in mind the fancy serial numbers featured in the old currency which was released in the 1950s and earlier always have a premium rather than the modern issues.

Collectibles & Currency are not only selling but also interested in buying. The note you acquired has any of the preferred special serial numbers listed above. Please contact us to receive an appraisal. We might be a strong buyer. We will respond to your email with a valuation within 24 hours of receipt of a detailed picture or a scan of the note's current condition.

***Please be advised that appraisals cannot be offered over the phone. Send us an email instead: make sure a scan or digital picture is attached.***

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I have a 5$ bill 2013 sn66663333 trying to sell it

José adrian guillen tejada

José adrian guillen tejada

Tengo unvillete doble 6 series 2013 número f44786911k y billete doble 12 series 2001 número L74651014L y billete doble 7 series 2009 número G07129516G tienen algún valor

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