Vietnam Banknotes Authenticity

At Collectibles & Currency, Our customers's experience and reputation are our top priorities. Before the banknote is delivered to our customer. Every banknote has gone through our authentication and counterfeit detection process by passed UV blacklight and individually inspecting each banknote's security features by our specialist.

Vietnam is one of the first 5 countries to apply polymer pre-materials to money printing. After realizing so many pros of polymer materials (Security features are easy to verify and hard to counterfeit. Polymer notes last at least 2.5 times longer than paper notes, reducing replacement costs. Lower environmental impact because they last longer. Completely waterproof). The State Bank of Vietnam started issuing 500 000 Dong for the first time in 2003. These Vietnamese 500 000 Dong is the highest denomination circulating in Vietnam.

How does the Vietnamese dong was graded 100% Authentic Genuine banknotes by our specialist ?

1.Hold the Vietnam banknotes up to the light to check the watermark security features.

- A watermark image of Ho Chi Minh's portrait, identical to the portrait shown on the banknote on the left.
- The neumerals 500 000 watermark was printed in the transparent windown and security thread visible from both sides, running along the Vietnamese 500 000 dong, with denomination cluster and word "NHNNVN" on the right side
- Registration of features on both sides(see-through registration windown).

The watermark is a proven the authenticity technology of banknotes

2.Printed Embossed Features.

- Swipe the vietnam banknotes with fingers to check the embossed and imprinted elements. Printed Embossed is another security feature and an easy way to check the authenticity of banknotes. 

Printed Embossed Features on Vietnam banknotes

3.The banknotes will be titled to check more security features.

- Optically variable ink (OVI) also called color shifting ink is an anti-counterfeiting measure used. The ink displays two distinct colors depending on the angle the banknotes is viewed at: The drawing will turn from yellow to green when the banknote is tilted.
- IRIODIN INK THREAD : The yellow thread runs along the banknotes on the back, sparkling with metallic shine when tilted.

Tilted the banknotes to check more security feartures

4.Using magnifying glass or ultraviolet light.

- The array of microprints: is created by the words "NHNNVN" or "VN" or numbers with repeating denominations, clearly visible under a magnifying glass.

- Colorless ink: is a cluster of denominations ( 500 000 dong ) printed with colorless ink, only visible (luminescent) when illuminated under ultraviolet light.
Optically Variable Ink was used in serial numbers. Both serial numbers change from Red to Oragne on the left and from Black to Blue on the right .

Image Gallery of Official Vietnam Banknotes Collection Under UV Light

Vietnamese 500 000 Dong l P-124 Vietnamese 200 000 l P-123
Vietnamese 100 000 Dong l P-122  Vietnamese 50 000 Dong l P-121
Vietnamese 20 000 Dong l P-120 Vietnamese 10 000 Dong l P-119






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