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The information about Malawi.

Malawi is a landlocked country and lies in Southeastern Africa. It has the Great Rift Valley running through the country. Its area is approximately 45, 747 square miles. Lake Malawi also called Lake Nyasa took about ⅓ of its area. Lilongwe is the capital and largest city of Malawi. Its official languages are English and Chewa, and many other regional languages. Since 1891, the country was a protectorate of the United Kingdom and was granted freedom in 1966. Malawian Kwacha is the official currency in Malawi.

The history of the Malawian Kwacha.

The Malawian Kwacha (ZMK) is the replacement of the Malawian Pound in 1971. They featured the Malawian Kwacha based on the Kwacha of Zambia country. At the same time, the denominations were issued 50 tambalas, 1, 2, and 10 kwacha.
In 1973, the 5 kwacha notes were in circulation. And the 2 kwacha notes were stopped printing. In 1983, the 20 kwacha notes were introduced. In 1993, 50 kwacha notes and 100 kwacha notes were in circulation. In 1995, the 200 kwacha notes were established. In further, 500 kwacha note in 2001.
Ultimately, the Reverse Bank of Malawi had issued 2,000 kwacha notes, as a result of a cash shortage and trying to stop it.
All the denominations of the Malawi banknotes were designed by only one concept which is a portrait of Malawi nationalists such as John Chilembwe in the 2,000 kwacha banknotes. And on the reversed side, it shows various buildings or usual scenes.
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