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The information about this Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country located in the Southeast of Asia. The total area of 127,724 square miles. The population of Malaysia is 32 million which makes it the 43rd most populous country. Kuala Lumpur is the capital and also the biggest city of Malaysia. The official language in Malaysia is Malaysian and the recognized language is English.

The history of Malaysian Ringgit.

On 12 June 1967, the new official currency was introduced, the Malaya and British dollar was replaced by the Malaysian Dollar by the Central Bank of Malaysia. Interestingly, all the first banknotes denominations in the Malaysian dollar were maintained from the previous currency except the $10 000 banknotes.

On 2 September 1968, $1 000 was introduced. These banknotes have the same basic designs in common. To be specific, the facade described a portrait of the first king of Malaysia Tuanku Abdul Rahman, and the signature of the second governor of the central bank of Malaysia. On the reversed side, there was a Malaysia logo and some geometrical features as a background.

In August 1975, the Malaysia dollar spell was changed to Ringgit (MYR). This term means jagged in the new spelling system of Malaysian.

On 1 September 1982, the second banknote denomination was established. There were $20, $500 in 1982, $10, $50, $100 in 1983. Lastly, the $1, $5, $1 000 were included in the denomination. These banknotes were signed by Tan Sri Dato Jaffar Hussein, the Governor of The central bank of Malaysia. In 1986, the new design on the second denomination was changed to increase more security.

On 5 February 1996, the third banknote denomination was introduced. These banknotes were the first denomination designed with the theme of 2020. With the spirit of Wawasan 2020, also the achievements of Malaysia were carved on these banknotes.

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